The Packet Technologies and Systems Committee (PTSC)

PTSC develops and recommends standards and technical reports related to services, architectures, and signaling, in addition to related subjects under consideration in other North American and international standards bodies.

The Packet Technologies and Systems Committee:

  • Coordinates and develops standards and technical reports relevant to telecommunications networks in the U.S.
  • Reviews and prepares contributions on such matters for submission to U.S. ITU-T and U.S. ITU-R Study Groups or other standards organizations.
  • Reviews for acceptability or per contra the positions of other countries in related standards development and takes or recommends appropriate actions.

Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance

The LAES subcommittee is re-organizing the Voice over Packet Technologies in Wireline Telecommunications Networks standard to streamline to supplements for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and H.323, which defines protocols to provide audio-visual communication session on packet networks. For more information about LAES work, please contact us.

Emergency Telecommunications Service
The Signaling, Architecture, and Control (SAC) subcommittee is working to map industry standards to enable the deployment of Emergency Telecommunications Service (ETS) within Next Generation Networks (NGNs). This project will guide progress of ETS through the implementation and deployment of the standards and anticipated technology updates.


ATIS maintains majordomo e-mail lists for PTSC Participant correspondence related to the the work of PTSC. To add your e-mail address to the lists, or to view the names of the available lists, click here and follow the instructions.

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PTSC Subcommittees and Task Forces:

Joint Standards Development:
PTSC-CLI is a joint project led by the PTSC Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance (LAES) subcommittee and coordinated with WTSC-LI and CSF. This joint work includes Lawful Interception Implications on Cloud Services (WTSC Issue #P0103, PTSC Issue #S0103).

To access PTSC-CLI contributions, please log in to ATIS Workspace. All members of PTSC LAES, WTSC LI as well as several representatives from the Cloud Services Forum have access to these files and the joint exploder list.

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PTSC Chair:
Martin Dolly, AT&T

PTSC Vice Chair:
Viqar Shaikh, Applied Communication Sciences

Mike Geller, Cisco

PTSC CSEC Vice Chair:
Ray Singh, Applied Communication Sciences

Mark Desterdick, Verizon

PTSC IPI Vice Chair:

Glen Myers, CounterLink

PTSC LAES Vice Chair:
Nagaraja Rao, Nokia Networks

Martin Dolly, AT&T

PTSC PSTN Vice Chair:
Bryan Bethea, Time Warner Cable

PTSC QoSR Chair:
Percy Tarapore, AT&T

PTSC QoSR Vice Chair:
John Colombo, Verizon

Martin Dolly, AT&T

PTSC SAC Vice Chair:


Please click here for access to the ATIS Document center for all PTSC Standards, Technical Reports and Technical Requirements.


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